Skates, shoots, scores: Boys hockey climbs the ranks


By Abby Bagby, Co-Sports Editor

With several strong wins under their belt, the boys’ hockey team is turning out one of their best seasons in recent years.

Earlier in the season, the team beat Haverford, the 2021 Flyers Cup champion team, 3-0 in a Nov. 29 game. The team later had a tight 4-3 victory against the previously undefeated Springfield team on Feb. 11. Senior and captain Zach Hackett feels that these wins put the team in a good position for this year’s Flyers Cup and Central League playoffs. While this year’s success does not surpass that of the 2018-19 season, he believes that the team is performing at its best compared to the past couple of years.

“My goal was just to make the Flyers Cup all four years (of high school), and we’re pretty much in place to do that right now. So, I’m pretty excited for (the) Flyers Cup, and hopefully we can get pretty far into that,” Hackett said.

Head coach Ross Hyatt also believes that the team’s recent highlights are setting up for a successful end to the season. Rivaling the strength of Haverford, ’Stoga looks to move up in seeding for this year’s Flyers Cup.

“This year, Haverford’s been very dominant,” Hyatt said. “They won the Flyers Cup (last season), they were runner up at States last year and they won Central Leagues the last couple years. We beat them three (to) nothing earlier in the year, and that was definitely the highlight so far of the season.”

Sophomore goalie Luc Beauparlant feels that the team’s strong performances provide optimism as the group progresses into their final games. He considers those tight wins to be especially valuable. 

“Seasons are always roller coasters, but this year, we’ve had some big ups and downs. Some of our highs were beating the two better teams, which are Springfield and Haverford,” Beauparlant said. 

Hyatt also anticipates success in the final games of the season. He feels that the team is prepared to make it farther in their final tournaments than in previous years.

“I’m really looking forward to Central League playoffs — I think we could definitely make a run. We’ve gotten past the first round the last couple years, but I think we can definitely get past the second round (this year),” Hyatt said. “We were the 16th seed and the 15th seed (at the Flyers Cup) my last two seasons, and then this year we’re looking to be ranked (in the) top 10. So, we should be able to make a good run in the Flyers Cup.”

 Senior Linc Zdancewicz feels that the team is especially strong this year. He believes that the group is on track for a triumphant performance at the Central League playoffs and hopes to conclude his final season on a high note. 

“It’s been a great ride with them,” Zdancewicz said. “This year is probably one of my favorite teams I’ve ever played with – a lot of great dudes. It’s a very great organization.”

Abby Bagby can be reached at [email protected]