Photography Club: Taking a look at the big picture

By Rohan Anne, Staff Reporter

As students pour into the room, a picture is put on the board by the club leader and an eruption of discussion soon follows: this is the scene that starts every Photography Club meeting. A space for students interested in photography, this club provides activities for members to do both in- and out-of-club meetings. 

The club specializes in stimulating the group’s interest in photography. For example, the leaders of the club give a presentation about certain aspects of photography, such as the technology of photography, including how to work a DSLR digital camera. Corey Davison, Social Studies teacher and advisor of the club, feels that discussions during meetings are important.

“I think photography is a beautiful and powerful art medium that is getting more accessible with the incorporation of near-professional-level lenses in smartphones,” Davison said. “As a high schooler, you have an opportunity to learn about photography and to share your work with others with an ease that has historically been much farther out of reach than it is today.” 

Before each club meeting, students are assigned a style of photography for the week, and take photos based on their assignment to discuss during meetings. Members critique the week’s photos and talk about their experiences with their assigned genre. These photos are often compiled into an album based on different themes, such as the street photography album last year.  

The weekly photography is essential to the club. Senior and club president Tamara Rushby feels that this method is effective because of the experience students get by participating. 

“I definitely think the hands-on experience is the most important because I think that’s what a lot of people join the club to do,” Rushby said. “I think going out into the real world and trying to apply your photography skills is a really helpful skill to have.” 

The club also offers new photography opportunities where students can take photos covering a large community event and get even more hands-on experience. Rushby believes that one of the many upcoming school events would provide good practice for club members. 

“The photo opportunity is of the fall drama, (and) taking photos during a full-scale event, including something like the dress rehearsals, is a big thing,” Rushby said. “It’s really giving our members an opportunity to shoot outside of just a hobby.”

Rohan Anne can be reached at [email protected]