Meditation Club: Students find a new way to relieve stress

Meditation Club: Students find a new way to relieve stress

By Aashita Singh, Staff Reporter

Meditation Club believes that high schoolers are stressed and need a space to relax and meditate to feel calmer and practice better self-care. The members feel that meditation is one of the keys to feeling more peaceful. One of the goals of the club is to exhibit meditation as something that needs to be a strong factor in students’ daily lives. They aim to get high schoolers to appreciate the little things in life.

Junior Cherise Chettiar, president of the club, feels strongly about meditation and its benefits. She believes that she has gained more comfort in her two years running the club.

“I’ve learned a few exercises that I do for fun or to relax sometimes, and that’s very valuable to me,” Chettiar said.“I believe mediation is very important for high schoolers simply because of how stressed we are constantly. It’s important to take a break, breathe and focus on the good parts of life sometimes.” 

Jamie Cappelletti, the advisor sees a community and friendship in the club as it binds everyone together to relax. Cappelletti hopes to be at a calm state where members can feel safe and relaxed.

“There is a sense of community at our club, a sense of oneness around us,” Cappelletti said.

During weekly meetings, members usually practice guided breathing and often anticipate philosophical questions. They talk about how to stay grounded in the present and not overthink the future. 

“We usually talk among ourselves about how life is going and then do some guided or independent meditation,” Chettiar said.“We’re our most productive when our mind and body is healthy. Taking care of our mental health makes us better and happier people.” 

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