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Day 2: Eight solutions to your costume conundrum


By Shreya Vaidhyanathan, Co-Webmaster

Have you or your friends ever been stranded on Oct. 30 with no idea what your Halloween costume is going to be? Well, look no further: here are 8 costumes, both group and solo, ranging from low to high effort. Happy Spook Week!

Britney Spears

Whether you choose her classic red dress or the schoolgirl outfit from the “Baby One More Time” music video, anything Britney Spears wore is bound to look good. Add a pair of tinted rimless sunglasses or a bandana and you’ve got yourself a throwback costume!


Pull out all the stops: the classic I Love NY T-shirts, fanny packs and huge maps. You can document the night with bulky cameras, and be sure to apply excessive amounts of sunscreen! Floppy beach hats, paper leis, lanyards; the possibilities are endless. 


Easy to pull together at the last minute, pajamas and pigtails are all a baby costume requires. Big pacifiers, baby bottles and blankets are all perfect accessories for the ensemble! 

Taylor Swift albums

With 9 albums from which to pick, Taylor Swift’s various eras offer a perfect fit for an all-inclusive group costume. Each person could dress like their respective album’s cover, mimic what Swift wore on tour or even recreate a music video ensemble. Either way, this costume is perfect for any group of Taylor Swift fans.


As long as you have a cowboy hat, you really can’t go wrong with this costume. Class it up with a flannel or some boots, and you’re one horse away from riding off to the West.

Sandy from “Grease” 

All you really need for this costume is a leather jacket and red lipstick, both of which are probably already in your closet. If you have a second or third person, consider adding Danny and Betty to the mix. 

Anything with tutus

Believe it or not, the most versatile Halloween costume item is a tutu. From M&Ms to Sesame Street characters, the accessory is the perfect addition to any outfit. Split up the characters of your choice and it’s a photo op! 


Fringe on fringe, pearls and a feather headband. There are plenty of costumes online, but making or thrifting one should be pretty easy. Plus, gluing craft store fringe onto thrifted dresses would be a fun pre-Halloween activity; just don’t forget the jazz!

Shreya Vaidhyanathan can be reached at [email protected].

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