Day 1: Field of Screams re-opens for the 2021 Halloween season


Brief by Ben Shapiro, Co-Copy Editor and Shreya Vaidhyanathan, Co-Webmaster

Photos by Ben Shapiro, Co-Copy Editor and Maya Shah, Photography Editor

Field of Screams is the scariest place in the US, and that’s not an exaggeration. They were ranked America’s #1 Haunted Attraction by USA Today in 2015, drawing thousands of visitors annually. Open on select days through Nov 6, they will hold their “extreme blackout” event on Nov 12, as well as a 5K run the following afternoon. Manager Jim Schopf and his team of 8 full time members are always looking to improve the site. 

“For us, Field of Screams is year round. You know, it’s almost an addiction: we just love (coming) up with ways to scare people. I should probably get checked out for that.” Schopf said. “But it’s good for the customers.. What we do pretty much all year is working to make Field of Screams scarier, better, cooler, funner.”

Book your tickets here for the spook of your season, and check out the photos below. Make sure to come back every day this week for a new “Spook Week” post!

Field of screams

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