Music Department streams spring concert


By Abbie Preston, Staff Reporter

Band, orchestra and choir members are packed together in the auditorium, playing and singing in harmony for a large crowd. Usually, the annual spring concert is just that, a series of songs performed by Conestoga students.

A streamed performance, this year’s show offers musicians different ways to perform. Participating members can either perform alongside other members of their music group for the streamed recording or submit a performance via FlipGrid. 

“There have been many factors to weigh while developing our plan for the concert,” said director of instrumental music, Christopher Nation. “We wanted to present a performance that caters to as many of our students as possible.”

Individuals have an option to play their part of a larger song and submit a recording via FlipGrid. An editor will then merge the clips togetherThis allows students who are not comfortable performing in person an opportunity to showcase their talents. Alvin Dong, a tuba player for the concert band, is worried about the FlipGrid option. 

“My main concern is that (people performing via FlipGrid) don’t have a director; they don’t have someone waving the baton telling them how fast they should go,” Dong said. “Putting (the separate performances) together in a final recording with the correct timing and volume is going to be really difficult.”

In planning the concert, music directors are putting safety first. Precautions include health screenings, social distancing, masks and bell covers. Nation notes the importance of safety during this event.

“When choosing a format for the concert, we wanted to put safety above all else,” Nation said. “In a year like this one, we feel very fortunate to be able to offer students the opportunity to play win a concert that can be enjoyed by families and the larger Conestoga community.”

The band recorded the concert in-person on June 26, and the concert was streamed on T/E TV. Dong describes what it was like to record the concert. 

“It wasn’t as lively as I was hoping it would be, but it was definitely nice being together after being alone at home this whole time,” Dong said. 

The music department has faced many challenges this year, such as the separation of virtual and hybrid students, required masks while performing, and coverings at the end of instruments. Chanteuse and string ensemble member Grace Poyta recognizes the importance of having a concert after a difficult year. 

“We’ve been working really hard this whole year to try and learn a few pieces,” Poyta said.  “It’s really important to show what we’ve done.”

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