Unsigned: Bring back bipartisanship


The Spoke Editorial Board voted unanimously 14-0 in favor of this resolution

It’s no secret that the United States is a divided country. The past year has been checkered with acts of civil unrest, an increasing amount of hate crimes and intense political clashes that prompted the rioting of The Capitol on Jan. 6. To regain a better sense of unity, I believe that politicians must begin to put the good of the country over the good of their party. Democrats and Republicans have squared off as opponents for too long and constantly point fingers versus solving the root problem, leading to a classic political standoff and leaving the American people to suffer as a result.

However, as divided as we may seem, there is still hope for bipartisanship as shown by the passing of almost $900 billion in coronavirus relief. This achievement grew out of what is almost always necessary in a joint decision: compromise. It was only when Democrats agreed to spend less than they had wanted and Republicans agreed to provide more aid for state and local governments demonstrates that the bill came to fruition.

This one act just goes to show how much potential we have to become a more unified nation. No longer should politicians be working in a rigid, partisan climate where nobody wants to give an inch even if that means doing what is morally correct. Instead, they should focus on working together to create an environment that is beneficial to both parties.

As Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden is welcomed into office this month, there is reason for hope given his long past of working closely across the aisle with Republicans to get things done for the good of the American people. Biden may be able to provide a sense of unity both as a new president and as a leader who stands for all Americans, including those who did not vote for him. That is what bipartisanship is all about.