Day 6: Holiday recipes


Looking to make some fun sweet treats this holiday season? Check out some of the recipes below!

Cinnamon Rolls

Waking up in December to the smell of cinnamon rolls is a memory in my family like no other. Gooey and warm, what’s not to love? In fact, the average Swede eats around 300 cinnamon buns per year! That’s equivalent to the number of eggs the average American eats per year.

Orange Zest Cookies

Fun fact: Orange and lemon zest cookies are the most baked tea cookies each year in England!

Sugar Cookies

Did you know the sugar cookie was originally called the Nazareth Sugar Cookie? It was named after German Protestant settlers from Nazareth, Pa. (just an hour away from us!) who improved the recipe. They made the cookies resemble Pennsylvania’s keystone emblem!