Official Statement from the Spoke


Dear Readers,
We here at The Spoke pride ourselves on our unbiased, fact-checked and reliable reporting. It has come to our attention that a number of comments have been made by individuals claiming to be related to The Spoke on Pattye Benson’s recent post regarding TESD’s decision to close Conestoga due to the number of staff absences. We would like to clarify that the comments are NOT representative of The Spoke’s opinion on the matter nor can we verify that this individual is a member of our staff.  All official statements from The Spoke will be made on our Instagram page and Our staff is currently working on providing you with unbiased coverage of the situation that will be released after we fact-check our information on this  evolving story. We look forward to releasing coverage that will allow the student body to form their own informed opinions on this situation.

-Official statement from The Spoke’s Managerial Board