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‘Stoga Mask Fashion


By Abby Carella, Multimedia Editor

The Medical Mask

Devin Bradley (Junior): “I wear a medical mask because I feel like it works better, and I feel like if everyone stuck to a mask like this, the whole virus would go away so much quicker. Most doctors wear multiple layers of masks, so I can’t say this is 100% foolproof, but it is a much better option than some others. The higher-grade ones, like the N-95s, should be handed out to the first responders, and these are the next best option. A lot of people just wear masks to be cute, and the ones they wear aren’t even protecting them, like that one Lana Del Rey wore with all the holes.”

The Children’s Mask

Alex Zelikoff (Senior): “I chose this mask because it’s comfortable and it fits well because it’s a kids’ size. I got it from Target, and I have a pretty small face, so the kids masks normally fit better. The material is very flexible, and it does really well in the wash, I guess. You can also just limit yourself to one (mask) instead of throwing them out.”

The Over-the-Head Mask

Sophia Mabilais (Junior): “I decided to wear this flower mask today because it matches my shirt which has little blue flowers, and this mask also has blue flowers, so I thought it would pair well. It’s weird to think about how mask fashion is now a thing and how we never thought it would have become a thing in the past, but you gotta make the best of every situation. My sister actually made this one. She got the material from old fabric we found in the basement, so we decided to put it to good use. I have mixed opinions on this one because (it) kind of pushes your hair up a little bit, but it’s not as tight around the face.

The ’Stoga Mask

Stephen Lyons (Freshman): “I wear this mask so I don’t get coronavirus. Sometimes it’s difficult to breathe in, but it’s comfortable overall, yeah. It has the school logo on it, and I got it from a fundraiser I think. I wear this (mask) everywhere I go.”

The DIY Mask

Elise Bermingham (Junior): “I like this mask because of the design. I think it’s really unique ,and it’s an accessory to my outfit. I also made it: the fabric is from JoAnn’s. I watched like four YouTube videos. I just cut it out, I think it was 10 inches by 5, and then I followed the pattern and sewed it together. I made this at the very beginning (of the pandemic) like back in April or March because I couldn’t find a ton (of masks), especially ones that were patterned. The fabric kind of feels like a curtain, but I like how it looks. Beauty is pain. I recommend everyone make their own masks because they fit so well and you can also fit them to your own face.”

The Special Occasion Mask

Olivia Budike (Sophomore): “I chose this mask because I really like the sequins, and I think if we have to wear them, like, let’s do it boujee. It’s big, so I can adjust it to make sure it goes under my chin and over my nose. I also like it because I wouldn’t wear this on a normal day, so I use it for special occasions because I think it looks nice.”

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