A new look: Township building completes renovations


By Grace Kuryan, Staff Reporter

After a year of construction, the Tredyffrin Township building’s renovations are complete. With many improvements made, the building is now available to the staff. 

For 25 years, the building did not experience any major changes. Before the renovations most of the furniture and other items used in the building were donated and there had not been any major work done to the building. 

With many renovations needed, the board allowed the improvements to be made. The renovations started out as a few minor improvements. 

“What started out as a small project originally, when we were hoping to maybe paint the place and replace the carpet, really blossomed into a full-blown renovation because of the cost benefit of doing so,’’ said Joe DiRocco, the finance director for Tredyffrin Township who led the renovations. 

The renovations made to the building include new lighting, carpeting, paint, furniture, and replacing of the HVAC system. Prior to the renovations, there were many issues with the state of the building. 

“The lighting was obviously less efficient and HVAC units required a lot of repair and maintenance, which was costing the township a lot of money,” DiRocco said. “After having discussions with the board, we came to the conclusion that it would make more sense to renovate and replace everything (that was needed).”

The office is now fully operational. Staff are allowed back in the building, although safety guidelines have been introduced due to the pandemic. For example, large team meetings are still hosted through Zoom instead of in-person. Also, prior to the pandemic, the hope was to have a big open house so that the public could see the renovations. However, due to the coronavirus, that option is no longer possible. As an alternative, the staff is trying to create a virtual tour so that those who would like to see the renovations still can. 

“We’re trying to work on having our TV studio manager maybe try to get together a virtual walkthrough and get that up on the website,” DiRocco said. 

With the renovations complete, the staff at the district office look forward to working in the new environment. 

 “Our building now reflects who we are as a township, and it’s very exciting,” DiRocco said.