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Recap of the wrestling season

Courtesy Picture of Aidan Foster wrestling.

By Elena Schmidt

With an overall score of seven wins to one loss, Conestoga’s wrestling team has had a rather successful season. In contrast to many other sports, a team’s ranking depends on individual wins during matches.

Charlie Mckenzie, a junior and varsity wrestler, has been wrestling for six years. He finds that it not only helps him build skills, but also character.

“I think it’s a lot of hard work and that really pushes me to do my best, and I think it applies to every aspect of life, where you get what you put into it,” Mckenzie said.

 He enjoyed his season, especially when the team won the Central League Championship for the first time since 2006 after hard work and dedication.

“The highlight of my season was the League tournament. We really brought it together and it gave us something we’ve been looking for every year I’ve been there. We’ve always been in the hunt for a League title but we (haven’t) gotten there until this year,” Mckenzie said.

He hopes for the wrestlers to win another Central League title next year and is excited to be part of the team again as a senior.

Sophomore Leo Russo started wrestling in seventh grade and has pursued it ever since, on Conestoga’s JV team. He enjoys the camaraderie each year and always looks forward to practice.

“We have music and there is a great team effort. The meets are always so intense, (and) I can specifically remember all my matches because I’m always so nervous,” Russo said.

He has not only done wrestling, but also cross-country and track. He explains why wrestling meets can be stressful for him, and how they differ from other sports.

“In wrestling it’s one on one, you’re by yourself, and it’s up to you if you want to win or not,” Russo said.

Since the season ended in March, Russo looks forward to wrestling next year and hopes to make the varsity team. Upon reflection, he sees how hard work pays off over just a few months.

“I definitely learned a lot of technique and (saw) improvement on the mat itself,” Russo said, “Next season I’m looking forward to reuniting with all my teammates, and possibly making varsity.”

Aidan Foster, also a sophomore and JV wrestler, started wrestling in seventh grade as well. He originally wanted to do winter track, but the school he attended at the time only offered wrestling and basketball. In the meantime, wrestling has become one of his favorite sports. He recaps what made the past season special to him.

“I was the highest scoring (on) JV so I improved a lot from last year…and (I built) a better relationship with my coaches and teammates,” Foster said.

He finds that the matches usually have smaller crowds to support them, compared to other winter sports.

“There (aren’t) a lot of people (going) wrestling matches, because they think it might be a little weird at first, but some of my friends who came to  the final (matches) said that they wish they’d come to more because it was actually really interesting,” Foster said.

Foster looks forward to being with is teammates again next year, though he will miss the seniors whom he has been training with for the last few years.

Overall, the wrestlers enjoyed their season and will continue training individually to prepare for more success next year.

Elena Schmidt can be reached at [email protected]

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