Super Bowl is an arena of traditions


By Hiba Samdani, Staff Reporter

With about 100 million views each year, the Super Bowl is something all Americans can bond over. With an exciting game, amusing commercials and a lively half-time show, there is entertainment for everyone. Because of its popularity as an event, many families at Conestoga have different traditions they cherish every year. 

First off, the Super Bowl itself has many traditions and continues to form new ones. Signaling a start to a new month, it has always been placed on the first Sunday of February. The following Monday, known as “Sickie day,”  is when most people call in sick from work. Additionally, each Super Bowl is named with a Roman numeral instead of a natural number, this year being Super Bowl LIV. Every Super Bowl has a half-time show that fans can enjoy. Before the 1990s, the half-time show was based around a theme and featured a university’s marching band. In the 1990s, however, the half-time show began introducing pop culture to increase viewers’ interest.

Just like the Super Bowl has longstanding traditions, families also celebrate their own traditions related to the event. For example, Freshman Lily Ukpere always cooks something with her family on the day of the big game. This year, Ukpere and her mom made nachos and buffalo wings for the family to enjoy.

“Even though our nachos burned a little, the experience was still great. On a daily basis, we never get to eat nachos or fun foods, so it’s great to enjoy them on that day,” Ukpere said.

Other families like the feeling of being together. Everyone in freshman Ariana Tanha’s family watches the Super Bowl together and enjoys each other’s company.

“Now that there’s Netflix and other programs, we never get to watch anything together. But during the Super Bowl, it’s nice to have the family sit together and bond over the Super Bowl,” Tanha said.

From the gameplay to the commercials, there is something for all types of people in this sporting event. The fact that everyone can bond over it makes the Super Bowl special to America.

Hiba Samdani can be reached at [email protected]