Christmas music is a year-round affair


By Matthew Fan, Co-Opinion Editor

It’s almost Christmas day, and by now, I have already listened to nearly two months of Christmas music.

“Jingle Bells” reverberates through my room while I am doing homework. Whispers of “Little Drummer Boy” sneak out of the bathroom during my showers. And if I am feeling particularly soulful, you can hear me singing along to “Silent Night.” OK, maybe not the right notes, but at least two of the correct words…silent and…night.

But is it wrong for me to listen to Christmas music that far ahead of the actual holiday?

Nowadays, there’s an unwritten rule that you can turn on the Christmas radio immediately after Thanksgiving.

However, society should encourage Christmas music enjoyment as early as the beginning of November and as late as the early months of the new year.

I know how outrageous this may seem, but it actually makes perfect sense.

We all have our bookmarked playlists, filled with our favorite songs, whether they are old or were recently released. We don’t stop playing songs after they’ve been out for more than a couple months. If that was the case, no one would know who The Beatles and Michael Jackson were.

Socially restricting a whole genre of music to such a small period of time is like cultural repression–maybe not that extreme, but you get the point.

The same thing applies for the best Disney songs of all time, like those from “The Lion King.” Imagine only listening to “Hakuna Matata” during the movie. There would be anything but “no worries.”

Above all else, Christmas music gets us in a certain spirit, one of kindness, happiness and remembrance. And nothing does a better job.

Matthew Fan can be reached at [email protected]