Girls’ varsity ice hockey loses game against Lower Merion


By Akshita Joshi, Staff Reporter

The girls’ varsity ice hockey team lost to Lower Merion on Nov. 8. Lower Merion was tied with ‘Stoga for most of the first quarter (1-1). ‘Stoga had a strong defense, with Lily Jiang as the goalie saving many goals.

Regardless of the impressive shot on goals and offense by Abby Hill and Karen Liu, Lower Merion had an exceeding lead over Conestoga. A goal was made by Abby Hill in the first period, but unfortunately, that goal was the only one ‘Stoga managed to score.

 In the second and third periods, Lower Merion scored eight more goals, and led with a strong offense, despite ‘Stoga’s strong defense by Maya Herzog and Abbi Hellmann. The final score was (9-1).

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