Seniors with passion for pottery launch businesses


By Sanjana Sanghani

Youtuber JonthePotter has managed to combine his two interests—coffee and pottery, a seemingly unorthodox combination—into a coffee shop called Mocha Monkey that sells his handmade pottery. Inspired by this business venture, seniors Myles Pittman and Chase Wurth decided to turn their pottery creations into a business of their own. 

Since last year, Pittman and Wurth have started selling their pottery online through social media. According to Wurth, prospective customers usually contact him through Instagram and choose pieces — that he has already posted on his account — for him to recreate. 

Wurth also explains that the price varies from piece to piece because throwing large amounts of clay is difficult. A mug or cup may cost $10 or $15, but a six to 10 pound vase may cost $40.     

“Because throwing about 10 pounds of clay is harder to center, the piece takes more time and the price is adjusted,” Wurth said. “You have to put time and effort in order to do this and if you get distracted for a second, it’s hard to come back from that.”

Wurth also says that he has sold four pieces so far — three bottles and one vase that was displayed in the lobby during National Art Honor Society induction night. 

“I feel a sense of accomplishment that people are actually willing to spend money on something I made,” Wurth said. 

Pittman said he was primarily inspired to take a ceramics class during his freshman year because he enjoyed making pottery with his brother. Similarly, senior Chase Wurth also enrolled in a ceramics class to “further his knowledge” of the art form.        

“When I first got started, ceramics was really popular. But I really continued taking these classes to push myself. I would see these advanced students and it made me want to be the best I could be,” Wurth said.

According to Pittman, throwing keeps him “challenged.” For Wurth, creating pottery provides him an “outlet” to channel his creativity.

“Ceramics has definitely taught me not to be afraid of what you’re passionate about. Now that I’m so open about this hobby [because I was so hesitant before], I feel I have more freedom,” Wurth said.