Varsity field hockey loses game against Notre Dame


By Julia Harris, Staff Reporter

On Thursday, Oct. 17, Conestoga’s varsity field hockey team faced off against tough opponents from Notre Dame.  

It was a cool fall evening, with brisk winds that made it feel chillier then it actually was. The stands were filled with the players’ family members and friends, wrapped in fuzzy blankets and drinking steaming beverages to keep themselves warm.

When the game began, there was a lot of back-and-forth between the two teams, and no one scored for the majority of the first half. However, right before halftime, Notre Dame scored. 

Conestoga didn’t get discouraged. A little less than ten minutes into the second half, with about twenty minutes left in the game, freshman Kate Galica tied the score up.  

People in the stands began to grow anxious, as for the remainder of the second half neither team scored. The game was forced to go into a fifteen-minute golden goal overtime. 

Only a couple of minutes passed until a player from Notre Dame managed to hit the ball into Conestoga’s net, unfortunately costing Conestoga the game. The final score was 2-1, with Notre Dame taking the win. 

The team, pictured after Kate Galica scored their first goal of the game.

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