The seven stages of finding a Halloween costume


By Tiffany He, Co-Managing Editor

Stage 1: Realization

This stage typically begins in late summer, when CVS, Costco and Home Depot start bringing out the candy corn, costumes and decorations. Fantastic. Congratulations – the months of September and October, not to mention the last few days of summer have been ruined. Why? Because now there are only approximately 60 days left to find the perfect costume.

Stage 2: Research

Now that the spooky season is officially marked on your calendar, it’s time to come up with the most unique and chic costume imaginable. Start up your computer and begin to dive through countless Pinterest posts and youtube videos. What’s still trendy? Is being a character from Clueless still a thing? Do you have enough friends to be all of the Avengers? Keep searching.

Stage 3: Assessment

After brainstorming a couple ideas it’s time to see what you already have to work with and what’s physically possible. Recycle old parts off costumes from years before and consider raiding the local Goodwill. And never underestimated the power of three little letters: DIY. Does anyone own a glue gun?

Stage 4: Doubt

After finishing your creation, doubt sinks in. This was a big mistake. Huge.

Stage 5: Acceptance

You know what? It’s the inside that counts.

Stage 6: Despair

After perfecting the ultimate costume, you check the forecast and — Wait did they just say snow and sub-zero temperatures! How could the Halloween gods be so cruel? To think that the masterpiece you have just designed will be obstructed by some frumpy jacket that your concerned parents are making you wear. Halloween is ruined. Maybe you really are too old for Halloween. You gorge yourself on Kit-Kats to make yourself feel better. By the time you come down from your sugar rush you realize that October 31st has already arrived.

Stage 7: Did someone say candy?

In the end, costume or no costume, nothing can get in the way of candy. You grab the nearest empty pillow case and head out the door.

Tiffany He can be reached at [email protected]