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Sisters on the volleyball team: the perfect set


By Hiba Samdani, Staff Reporter

Parents and players anxiously glance towards the court, awaiting the next move. Freshman Nina Judek, a player on the girls volleyball team, settles into her starting position. When the ball comes onto the pioneers’ side, Judek smacks the ball onto the opposing side’s court, winning a point for her team. As she celebrates with her teammates, she glances over to her older sister, and they exchange smiles. This year, two sisters, junior Lola and Nina Judek, made the girls volleyball team and they are both excited about the ongoing season

Lola and Nina started playing volleyball four years ago. Their dad placed them in a clinic called Kahoots, but they didn’t have a good first impression.

“We hated it in the beginning, but after a few times, we began to love it.” Nina said.

They began playing in various clubs and leagues, including TEVA, Center G and Up. They enjoyed participating in tournaments and being able to play with most of their friends. Nina has traveled to numerous places for her team, such as Orlando and Atlanta.

“I was just all around for [Up] and that was just a much more competitive team.” Nina said.

Besides clubs, tournaments and the school team, the sisters enjoy playing with each other. They are often very competitive, inviting friends and family over to enjoy a game in their backyard. Their competitiveness sometimes lead to motivation to beat the other.

“We always have people over where we play real games. We’re always keeping points because we are just very competitive with each other.” Lola said.

Having a common interest has kept a unique bond between the sisters. By playing on the same team, Lola gets to watch her younger sister play, and Nina does the same. They haven’t been watching each other as much, but being on the same team as given them a chance to grow. They see each other as role models to help them improve their volleyball skills.

“I haven’t been able to see her that much but it’s pretty cool to see her ups and downs. Even though she’s younger I look up to her and the things she does. We might play different positions, but it’s still good to see each other play.” Lola said

Lola and Nina enjoy the company of their sister on the volleyball team. They look forward to continuing their season and looking for ways to grow off of each other.

Hiba Samdani can be reached at [email protected]

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