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Runway meets Youtuber: Emma Chamberlain at Louis Vuitton Show


By Andrew Bucko, Co-Opinion-Editor

In one of my recent YouTube blackhole-binge sessions, I stumbled upon a video that caught me off guard. The video, published to Vogue Magazine’s YouTube account, read “Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show.” I couldn’t help but wonder how a social media starlet with a pre-teen fanbase received a seat one to of the most highly regarded fashion houses in the World. 

Chamberlain’s popularity shouldn’t go unnoticed. She has nearly 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and 8.1 million followers on Instagram, attracting fans with her quirky style and lighthearted videos.  

Regardless of her following, Chamberlain doesn’t truly merit an invite to a Louis Vuitton show. Instead, her presence reflects a smart marketing move on the part of LVMH, Louis Vuitton’s parent company.  

Emma Chamberlain’s platform presents an opportunity to emphasize the brand’s prestige to a new generation of clientele. While boomers still possess the greatest purchasing power in the luxury market, Gen Z and Millennial consumers are crucial to sustain growth. Luxury powerhouses need to work harder than ever to combat the new mentality of spending on experiences over objects. 

In a world of increasingly abundant (and quality) counterfeit goods, brands must now sell themselves out to sustain relevancy, even if this means relying on influencers with blank resumes when it comes to high fashion. 

Andrew Bucko can be reached at [email protected]

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