An open letter to the College Board on AP memes


By Tiffany He, Co-Managing Editor

To the esteemed College Board,

Recently, it has come to my attention that various students have been violating the most sacred pillar of education: integrity. While I understand that this may come as an incredible shock, I believe that it is my duty as a devoted student to voice what I have seen. I hate to admit it, but it seems like the menace of social media has even gotten to the College Board. Something must be done to prevent these so-called “AP memes” from wreaking havoc.

It really felt like any other day. After taking my Advanced Placement Language and Composition Exam, I took out my phone and began browsing through my Twitter feed to check if the College Board had posted any helpful tips about my upcoming exams like the thoughtful institution they are. Instead, I was greeted by an assault of clowns, frogs and snails, all leaks that would provide a considerable “unfair advantage” taking the test. One could very likely predict all the multiple choice questions from just the images alone. I won’t say a lot, but the whole ordeal was. . . “overrated.” 

I was probably most offended by individuals who claimed that they decided to take the test solely for these “memes.” The obvious answer to that first survey question regarding our motivation for taking AP exams was (b) I want to see how well I’ve mastered the course material. Duh. What has society even come to? I personally enjoyed the enlightening, almost spiritual, experience of taking three-hour-long tests with the smell of number two pencils, the silent sounds of agony and the furious bubbling-in of scantrons all around me. It’s almost calming.

College Board, these “memes” must be stopped. I watch in admiration as you continue your crusade. The youth of today have been led astray, and they must be brought back to their senses.

Your humblest servant,

Tiffany He