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Guidance counselor publishes new book ‘Middle Schooled’


By Maddie Lamonica, News Editor

T/E Middle School guidance counselor Andrew Mullen recently self-published his first book, “Middle Schooled: Parenting Tips and Reminders to Keep You Smiling,” a compilation of firsthand observations, insights and advice for parents of middle school students.

“I have worked with middle school kids for a long time,” Mullen said. “As a counselor, I can take an objective look at their behavior and take the time to understand it.”

Mullen has worked as a guidance counselor within the district for 16 years. For the past five years, he has sent out weekly emails to the parents of his students, detailing both parenting advice and personal anecdotes. These emails became the basis of “Middle Schooled.” The book’s chapters are organized by month and topic based on the weekly e-mail messages he has shared with parents over the years.

“The feedback (from the emails) has always been positive, and many parents suggested I write a book,” Mullen said. “My motivation in writing ‘Middle Schooled’ was to create something that was both entertaining and helpful for parents.”

Covering subjects ranging from lying and standing up to bullies, to dating and cell phones, “Middle Schooled” features advice and parenting tips through a series of personal anecdotes.

“I hope parents realize that having a middle school aged child is a gift. A challenging, annoying and at times frustrating gift, but a gift nonetheless,” Mullen said. “Middle Schooled” is available on Amazon. Reviewers have called it “laugh out loud funny” Overall, it has a perfect 5-star rating based on 22 Amazon reviewers.

“The feedback has been extremely positive,” Mullen said. “Parents have told me they find it very funny and extremely helpful.”

Mullen hopes to continue writing about parenting in the future.

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