A farewell to an old friend


By Tiffany He, T/E Life Editor

Cartoon by Melinda Xu, Managing Web Editor

Dear Library Printer Main 2,

It is with great regret that we have to say goodbye. In all honesty, this parting seems premature. Just last week, I remember printing out discussion questions and homework sets.  

And you’ve always been a great connoisseur of my work. From the dismal rough drafts to the carefully crafted final copies, you’ve been there with me during every step. It seems like only yesterday that you helped me print my 10-page American author essay, single-sided of course. I’m sorry you and I ever had to go through that. Even the days when you refused to print, I knew that it was probably in my best interest. You were only protecting some abominations from ever being seen by others.

I admit that my friendship has not always been constant. In the beginning, I often overlooked you in favor of your flashier and more well-known cousins, Library Main Printer 1 and Color Ink Jet. But can you blame me? Only later was it when I realized your hidden charm and the gumption with which you conducted a hard day’s work. It seems that I will have to resort back to the old crowd so to speak, but you will always have a special place in my heart. I will cherish the early mornings in the library we had.

My sentiments cannot be captured more than with the words of Captain James T. Kirk: “Of my friend, I can only say this. Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most human.” Godspeed old friend.



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