By car, by bus, by foot: A traffic trifecta

Senior Mark Robertson parks at his friend’s house in the morning and walks the remaining 0.4 miles to school. He finds that he arrives at school earlier than if he were to drive the entire way. All three main roads that lead to the school — Conestoga Road, Irish Road and Old Lancaster Road — experience stand-still traffic between 7:20 a.m. and 7:45 a.m

Science and technology teachers welcome new facilities

For many teachers, the new science and technology wing is a welcome addition and source of newfound excitement. The new facilities and supplies are enabling many to adapt their teaching styles and improve their students’ experiences.

Privileges extended to juniors and underclassmen

School administration extended lunch privileges to all grades and late arrival and early dismissal privileges to juniors in response to the pandemic. The changes provide students with more flexibility in their daily schedules.

Various elements of construction project yet to be completed

The high school expansion and renovation project is nearing full completion as students reenter the building for the new school year. The COVID-19 pandemic, wildfires and hurricanes delayed original deadlines, but the new wing opened this fall for use.

Academic alternatives: Blended and BVA course formats

With the end of last year’s online format, students and teachers alike swore that they would never join a Teams or Zoom meeting again; that they would finally be able to go to school in person and return to some sort of normalcy. However, two alternatives remain available to students who prefer to keep some online classes.

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