The 4 Stages of a Snow Day


By Elton Zhang, Guest Writer

So hopefully by now, we high school students have learned that snow days deserve resounding appreciation and that anything less would be blasphemous. I don’t know about you guys, but snow days for me are the one thing that can make the blistering cold of winter bearable; just the sight of those perfect crystals falling in abundance from the sky fills me with immense joy over the fact that maybe—just maybe—school could be cancelled.

But anyway, while this topic remains relevant, let us take the time to reflect on the blessed day we had today.

6:30 PM

This is the beginning of your day off. You might not recognize it as your alarm clock starts blaring, signaling the start of yet another hellish day at school. Groggily, you bring yourself up using every ounce of your God-given strength and slowly, your vision clears to reveal a strange, foreign landscape: snow, and lots of it!

    The “Hallelujah” moment for every High Schooler
Catching up on some much-needed sleep… or not

It is 6:30 now and you are bubbling with curiosity. You frantically search for your phone, its location concealed underneath layers of sheets, and grip it with unprecedented force. Opening up the familiar TESD webpage, this message appears:

Due to inclement weather, Tredyffrin/Easttown schools will be closed on March 14, 2017.

This is your time to jump up and do a little jig, or give yourself a pat on the back because you deserved this.

Today’s going to be an eventful day

At least that is what you tell yourself, but in actuality, you hop right back under the covers and unlock your phone to go through your usual cellular routine ̶ Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, FOX/CNN/MSNBC/BBC, YouTube, all the works.

Video after video, snap after snap, comment after comment, your morning is quickly dwindling down without you realizing it, but its ok you tell yourself:

This is the last video, ok? After this I am going to shower, and get a move on, but then… the capitalized bait click video you are too familiar with fixes your attention, draining another 15 minutes of your life.

Okay now it’s time to start

You tell yourself that after 3 hours of straight nothing, and by now, you’re already half asleep and bedridden. Picking up your schedule you see the eminent task in front of you, and begin the grueling task of homework.

Take another 6 hours or so, and it’s dark outside, and so you put on a show or game before grumpily dragging yourself up the stairs to the privacy of your room, your phone waiting to be unlocked once more.

And before you know it, fatigue tucks the events of the day into the covers of deep sleep.

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