Fall-themed activity day: Cornucopia in action


By Lauren Pinheiro and Lizzie Sun, Staff Reporters

This year’s Cornucopia, a day of activities before Thanksgiving break, presented a variety of clubs and teachers hosting events around the school. Peer Mediation planned the day and oversaw the activities led by Conestoga’s clubs and teachers. Ping-pong, watercolor paintings, watching the World Cup live in the atrium and viewing Asian American movies were some of the events in which students could participate. 

“I saw a ton of people in the atrium watching the World Cup. So that seems to be like the most popular one (cornucopia activity),” said junior Kayla Allen.

For a snack, students could go down to the gym entrance or main lobby and buy an assortment of goods at different clubs’ bake sales.

“Some of the big events are the outdoor events. The track and the gym activities are also popular. We have badminton and softball and we also have separate rooms for each activity,” said senior Yasthika Ashokkumar, a member of Peer Mediation.

Cornucopia is an annual tradition at Conestoga and is expected to stay for years to come.

“I think it’s a good activity for people,” junior Shay O’Connell said. “And it’s nice (to have) before break.”


Cornucopia 2022



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