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GMS sets up for the future


By Raima Saha, Staff Reporter

Students have recognized the basic blue set of Good Morning ’Stoga (GMS), the student-run TV show, for years. On the morning of Feb. 2 during homeroom, students watched on with a surprised gaze.

For 11 years, GMS has used the same set for all their productions. Blue, dated and bulky, the velvet lining would bubble in the humidity and wasn’t cohesive with the school colors and current trends.

The new set now features the current graphics of the show. Senior Drew Casparius designed the new set and was in charge of creating the graphics package this year, which includes the revamped logo, weather, full screen, and intro and closing graphics. For the set graphic, Casparius used a still-shot of the school from a previous project and added the GMS logo on top. 

“I was excited,” Casparius said. “Something new is always exciting, and we’re really lucky to be able to do these kinds of things year after year.”

The new set has features that make it different from the old set, like removable panels that can be switched out to create new backgrounds. It also has light panels on the side to produce different effects such as “disco mode,” as junior Hannah Zhang calls it.

“We like to use (the lights) to set a fun mood and attract attention. It’s just a nice and fun ending to the show,” Zhang said. 

Significant changes in the layout of the show pose challenges in production. Previously, three anchors used to sit at the desk, but with the large GMS logo in the background, it looks best with two.

“The first show was a little rough as we were just getting used to (the new seating setup),” senior Doug Andreuzzi said. “But by even the second show, we basically had it back to the quality (the show normally has).”

Though it has created its challenges, the new set has given GMS a new look; it may even encourage students to join GMS.

“It (the new set) will be really good for newcomers,” junior Remi Vaughan said. “It (will give) the new kids a sense of familiarity. The blue wall didn’t really mean anything to us, but that’s our logo on there now, which does mean something.”

GMS adviser and executive producer Alison Ferriola plans on getting a new desk next school year to match the set. For now, Ferriola is excited to work with the new set and that a student had the opportunity to design it.

“I like that (the set) was student-made,” Ferriola said. “It really shows the professional nature and just the academic prowess of ’Stoga students. The fact that they could design something like this and see it come to life on the screen is really exciting.”

Raima Saha can be reached at [email protected].

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