New Voters Club kicks back into action


By Jui Bhatia, Beats Editor

After a crucial election cycle last November, the New Voters Club is gearing up again to tackle the upcoming School Board elections, this time in person.

New Voters is a non-partisan club that aims to register all seniors who are eligible to vote before the elections. The club visits homerooms with seniors during an extended homeroom before each election cycle, where they hand out registration forms to eligible students.

Like many club members, junior and co-president Anish Garimidi feels that students have a duty to their country to vote and that the New Voters Club is one way for students to get involved in the governmental process.

“Voting is something that a lot of people in this country would really like to do, but don’t have that opportunity,” Garimidi said. “It’s really important for us to exercise our voice in the (legislative) system and have a say in how our government works.”

The club gave a presentation to seniors on Tuesday, Oct. 5, where they helped seniors register to vote. The presentation comes before a very important school board election cycle and an election for Governor in the spring.

Even if students aren’t eligible to vote, they can always help the cause by joining the club and giving presentations. Most of the work is done by club members trained to help register seniors to vote.

“This is your way to connect not only with your own peers but also bring them out to the community,” senior and co-president Deepthi Sathyanarayana said. “If we, as young students, are pushing other young students to go out and vote, it makes much more impact than an adult doing the same thing. It just doesn’t hit the same chords.”

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