‘Stoga takes on Philly


By Abby Carella, Multimedia Editor

Day trips to Philadelphia have been a long-standing tradition for students at Conestoga. From shopping, attending concerts, to eating brunch with the family, ‘Stoga students enjoy taking on everything the City of Brotherly Love has to offer. 

Lilia Sawyer and Angie Tacheva stop for a photo in Chinatown.

 Jonathon Quici (freshman): “I went to a Travis Scott Concert last December with some of my friends at the Wells Fargo Center. Going to see your favorite artist like actually in person is really cool.”

Angie Tacheva (junior): “I am recently getting into going to museums. I went to the art museum and I realized that it’s actually really cool. One thing I love (about the city) is that I don’t really need to have a plan, I can just kind of figure it out as I go. A restaurant that is pretty good for brunch is Rouge in Rittenhouse Square and I usually order toast with mushrooms and cheese.”

Ashlee Epouhe (sophomore): “When I was in 6th grade my mom took me to Made (in America) in the city. We listened to music and Beyonce was there! I also really like (to eat at) Chickie’s and Pete’s. I usually order the crab fries.”

Samuel Cho (sophomore): “I go to the city every weekend for Orchestra. I perform in the Sinfonia and have been for about a year and a half. We sometimes play in the Kimmel Center or we play in different churches. I like being able to play music with other people and getting to play the Star Wars theme song.”

Lilia Sawyer (junior): “I usually go with my friends and we normally walk around a lot and we go and see places all over the city. We love to go to Walnut Street and Brandy Melville a lot. We once went to Chinatown and we got these really cool photos in front of walls and the gate that opens up. We also like to go to the Rittenhouse Hotel for photos.”