Senior farewell: A few words of wisdom


After four years at Conestoga, our senior Spokies are signing off. But before passing the torch to the new editorial board, they’d like to share some final advice:

Find something you love doing and make the time for it. But don’t forget about classwork either. Listen to others but make decisions for yourself. Spend time with friends. Go outside once in a while. Go to bed. On time. For a reasonable amount. You’ll thank yourself later.
—Kaitlyn Chen

Don’t measure your accomplishments against others. No matter how many APs you take, awards you receive, or hours you spend studying, there is always someone who does it better — who makes it look so easy. As hard as it sounds, at the end of the day, the only person you should compare yourself to is you.
—Maddie Lamonica

High school in itself is something that we take for granted. Find new friends, make amends with old ones. Don’t be afraid to talk to people. Reach out and find opportunities on your own. Be independent but also seek out help from others. Make beauty out of mundane.
—Olivia Thompson

Don’t sacrifice your sleep. Ever. If you’re averaging four hours a night like sophomore-year me to “get into a good college”: Don’t! Those who have gone through the process will tell you that college is a game no matter what. Seven hours of precious slumber are always worth it.
—Brooke Deasy

Despite what your parents may say, suffering in the present for the sake of your future isn’t healthy. Don’t sacrifice sleep for schoolwork. Don’t sacrifice time with friends for intensive, unnecessary academic competitions. There will be no future for you to enjoy if you burn out.
—Justin Huang

From failing a test to making one of my favorite art projects, you really go through a lot at Conestoga. Take advantage of what is offered to you, but also find balance. I never took any APs except for Studio Art and I did perfectly fine getting accepted into all my colleges. Study hard while you’re here, but most importantly, take care of yourself!
—Paige Sredenschek

It’s very easy to overthink and overreact. In just four short years, high school will be gone. Your friends will change. Your relationships will break. Your AP Calculus AB grade will disappear into oblivion. Spend less time worrying about whether or not they like you and less time wishing you could raise your 89.4%, and live life in the present, being genuinely happy.
—Avery Maslowsky

Now is the time, little ones. Seize the day, carpe freaking diem. Join a club, play a sport, don’t fake your extended experience, always go for the pizza dippers, get a job, shoot for the stars. Actually use the bathroom for its intended purpose. Don’t overwork yourself. Take a deep breath and enjoy the good times.
—Renato DiStefano

There is always and will always be pressure to excel academically at Conestoga. But when we are out in the real world, that C on your physics test won’t matter. The work ethic and skills you developed by taking your tests on time and not cutting corners will set you apart from the rest. It’s okay to be honestly average.
—Reagan Gerrity